2023 Series Standings

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Slate Division

Limestone Division

Granite Division

Dolomite Division

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Beginning in 2018, the Central PA trail running scene took on a brand new look, breaking away from the old Trophy Series to form the new Rocksylvania Trail Series. Now we’re back at it for 2023, amping this new series up to include 30+ different courses, all teaming up together to showcase some of the best trail races in the state.

The 2023 series includes 30+ PA trail races broken down into five (5) divisions. These are the divisions:

Division 1 – Sandstone

Division 2 – Slate

Division 3 – Limestone

Division 4 – Granite

Division 5 – Dolomite

The five divisions will give runners the option of concentrating on distances that are more to their liking. You can run as many or as few races as you’d like, but the more races you run in one particular division, the better your chances are in winning a prize.

Scoring: After each race, Falcon Race Timing & Revibe Gear will be scoring each runner based on their age group finish throughout the year. The top finisher in each age group will earn 25 points per race. Second will earn 24. Third will earn 23 and so on. Prizes will be awarded to the top three individuals in each age group at the end of the season. Runners must complete at least 4 races in a particular division to earn a prize. Awards will be given out at the end of the year for the top three age group winners at the awards banquet at New Trail Brewing Company in Williamsport (TBA).

In case of a tie, the runner who has more head-to-head wins will earn the prize. If still tied after that, it will go to the runner with the most Rocksylvania races completed.

To earn Rocksylvania swag, a runner must either run 4 races in one division or finish at least 8 total races in the Series. Good luck everyone!!!!

Below is a complete list of the 2023 Rocksylvania Trail Series races: 

Sandstone Division
Night Flight 10k — April 1, Mifflinburg, PA
Chief Wetona 4-Miler — May 21, Troy, PA
Hyner 7k — August 26, North Bend, PA
Dandelion Run 10k — September 2, Mifflinburg, PA
Little Pine 5 Miler — October 21, Waterville, PA

Slate Division
Frozen Snot 8.5 Miler — Feb 4, McElhattan, PA

Fire On The Rocks 10k — March 18, McElhattan, PA
Chief Wetona 7-Miler — May 21, Troy, PA
Smiths Knob Scramble 8-Miler — June 10, Montoursville, PA
Sproul 10k — June 17, Hyner, PA
Green Monster 15k — October 8, Wellsboro, PA
The View 15k — November 5, Hyner, PA
Tiadaghton Trail Challenge 10k — Nov 12, Waterville, PA

Limestone Division
Frozen Snot 13.5 Miler — Feb 4, McElhattan, PA
Greenwood Furnace Half — May 7, Huntingdon, PA
Slate Run Half — June 3, Slate Run, PA
Hyner Half — August 26, North Bend, PA
Dam Half — September 17, Mifflinburg, PA
The Raven — October 1, Coburn, PA
Tiadaghton Trail Challenge Half — Nov 12, Waterville, PA

Granite Division
Hyner 25k — April 22, Hyner, PA
Slate Run 25k — June 3, Slate Run, PA
Sharp Top 25k — June 24, Masten, PA
Cook Forest 25k — August 19, Cooksburg, PA
Boulder Beast 25k — Sept 23, Lock Haven, PA
Green Monster 25k — October 8, Wellsboro, PA
Wilds 25k — October 22, Waterville, PA
The View 25k — November 5, Hyner, PA

Dolomite Division
Hyner 50k — April 22, Hyner, PA
Sharp Top 50k — June 24, Masten, PA
Boulder Beast 25 Miler — Sept 23, Lock Haven, PA
Green Monster 50k — October 8, Wellsboro, PA
Wilds 50k — October 22, Waterville, PA